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        EVA strip equipment

        This production line can produce high elasticity EVA; Materials and products can be used for high-end furnit...

        TPU foam particle equip...

        The equipment has introduced German advanced technology, which is at the leading level in...

        XPS Line Device

        The new XPS foaming decorative line introduced advanced German technology and improved, wh...

        PE sheet extruder

        Polyethylene PE foamed sheet has completely independent pores, moderate hardness, buffer force...

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        Longkou Sunshine Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

        The company is located in Longkou Hi tech Industrial Park, Shandong Province. It is an enterprise that produces plastic foam extruders and provides overall solutions for polymer materials extrusion processing. Since its inception, the company has been in a leading position in the industry, and has obtained a number of patent technologies in the field of plastic extrusion foaming and applied for national patent protection.

        It mainly produces PE/PS/PP/TPU/PLA foam sheet production line, EVA foam strip/sealing strip production line, CO2/N2supercritical fluid filling machine, TPU/EVA foam particle (popcorn) production line, XPS decorative line production line, and a variety of laboratory testing machine series equipment......

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